Friday, March 14, 2008

"Copper Teapot"

Black and white acrylic underpainting. 12" x 16"

I have been "studying" with Helen Van Wyk's DVDs and books. I came across Helen on PBS in the late 80's and was immediately drawn to her style of teaching and method of painting. Now that I have the time to apply the principles of painting that she teaches so well, it is very rewarding to prove them to work. I would have loved to have her take a peek and tell me everything I need to correct! This is a little larger than my last two paintings, so I'm taking much more time. I hope to post the finished oil painting soon.

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Anna said...

Mother! Have you gone color blind? Because what I see in our dining room is not black and white. I know there's at least one copper thing. Why don't you just make everything copper. The Midas touch. Except it's not gold. If you need help, I'll color in the lines a bit for you. :)