Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mom's Birthday Bouquet

8"x8" Oil on canvas board.  Not For Sale

What a busy summer!  I have not posted in a few weeks due to several welcome visits from family and a trip to visit my family in Dallas (without my computer!)  This painting, and the next two, were done with a little oil kit I am leaving with my family so that I can paint while visiting.  I paint for them, and I leave with beautiful pottery pieces made by my sisters . . . a good thing we've got going!  I was forced to really think about color mixing, as the kit did not include all from my palette - a good exercise.  

These flowers are from a beautiful bouquet given to my mother (on the occasion of her 82nd birthday) by her #1 grandson, Chad.  The little vase is a creation by my sister, Lorie.  The painting is my birthday gift.  Happy Birthday, Mom!

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