Monday, October 7, 2013

Stuck in Neutral

24x18" Oil on Stretched Linen

Recently, I walked into my bedroom and discovered Goldilocks...uh, I mean Anna, sleeping in my bed.  There was nothing unusual about finding my daughter napping in my bed.  As for the dog, Troy Boy, he was trying with all his might to blend into the bedcovers, as he knew very well that he was not supposed to be ON MY BED! See how his ears are flattened and his head is lowered as far as he can get it?  I love that dog.  Goldilocks, too.

The theme for the upcoming show at Quayside Gallery in Pensacola is "Stuck in Neutral."  It will be interesting to see how all the participating artists interpret that theme.  Running across a scene like this with its dramatic lighting and interesting lines, shapes and colors is...well, I count it as a gift for the taking.

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