Monday, October 6, 2008

" Drawings"

I have not painted in a week or so. I am singing in a wedding on Saturday, and I'm avoiding the medium fumes, which have a toxic effect on my voice. So, I thought I would post these drawings.

The child is my daughter, Anna, at the age of two. She was watching "Beauty and the Beast". That's the only way I could be sure she would be still long enough to capture her in a drawing. I guess it took about 90 minutes or so. When the movie was over, she picked up a pen and came right at me to "help". If you look closely, you will see the pen mark coming right out of her forehead. Hence, the darkened background. Anna is now seventeen. She has long, thick curly hair. I hope to capture my beautiful girl in an oil painting before she leaves for college next fall.

The other drawing is of me and my beloved cocker spaniel, Sadie. I did this drawing in 1986 from a photograph.


Anna said...
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Melissa said...

This one is very sweet. Your drawings and paintings are lovely, Pam. I started a blog on blogspot, too. See how far I got? 8-)