Saturday, May 11, 2013

Lorraine Nora

20x16" Oil on Stretched Linen

Lorraine Nora is the grandmother of my Number One Nephew's wife.  Lorraine's family calls her "Bobo" (Chinese pronunciation is "Baba").  I have never met Lorraine, but I will tell you what I know about her.  In her eighties, she attended her beautiful granddaughter's destination wedding in Mexico, sponsored a family skydiving excursion in California, in which she PARTICIPATED, and somewhere along the way went ZIP LINING.  In every photo I studied for this portrait, she has a joyful expression.  In the photo of this particular pose, she is leaning toward her new great-granddaughter (my great-niece!)  It is evident that Bobo is beloved by her devoted family, and I suspect by all who have known her.

Lorraine has been in hospice for the past few weeks.  My sister commissioned this portrait as a gift for her daughter-in-law,  and yesterday I spent the majority of the day, on into the night until 3am working on it.  This morning, I sent a photo of the portrait to my sister, and subsequently learned that Bobo had passed away early this morning.   No, I have never met Lorraine Nora, but I feel honored and humbled to have spent the last several hours of her life studying her sweet, lovely face.

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