Friday, May 17, 2013

Wrapped In Love

10x8" Oil On Linen Panel
Not For Sale

My sisters and my great-niece (Sheila, Lorie, and Natalie, respectively).  Natalie is Lorie's granddaughter.  In an Episcopal Church Women's chapter meeting last fall, I expressed concerns about Sheila's impending surgery to my friends.  Immediately, a prayer shawl was offered.  In another ECW meeting, I shared my concerns for Natalie and Lorie, as Natalie's welfare was in a precarious state, and my sister was greatly troubled.   Again, a prayer shawls were offered.  Several weeks later, I was presented with three shawls which were made by two wonderful ladies, Dondy and Caroline.  Each stitch is knit with prayer for the receiver, and the shawls are blessed.  When the shawls are presented, the giver wraps the shawl around the receiver and reads a prayer or blessing.  I did just that, and snapped the photo depicted here in paint.  I am happy to report that Sheila's surgery went very well, Natalie and Lorie are healthy and happy.  There is a lot of love represented in this little painting -- the love of sisters, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, children, and friends...all wrapped in the love and light of God.

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