Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"Not Quite Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days"

I registered for Leslie Saeta's online "Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days" challenge.  We were supposed to paint a painting every day in the month of September and post daily on Leslie's blog.  How generous of Leslie to give so many artists (about a thousand from all over the world!) exposure on her very popular blog.  I didn't make it to thirty.  In fact, after the first five posts I decided to work on some paintings that I was itching to do, and I have gone back to them, making corrections as I see the need.   My hat is off to those who actually painted, photographed, and posted thirty paintings. What a harrowing ride!

This is a work I started today.  24 x 24" oil on linen.  Wait 'til you see the little girl's expression!  I'm having fun with those waves, too.   Check back for the finished painting.

What a difference lighting makes!  I took the photo of Emma (painting is 10 x 8") inside by my dining room window, which faces north/northeast.  The photo of Jadeyn (14 x 11") was taken at the beach after the sun had slipped below the horizon.  Amazing how much light that is left even after the ball of fire disappears!  Jadeyn has beautiful olive toned skin that glowed in that light.  I still see some corrections I need to make before packing her up for her parents…  What a sweet face.   The sky above the horizon in the beach scene (top painting) looked violet next to the water, even though the sun seems to be high in the sky.

So…NINE paintings in thirty days…in various stages of completion.

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